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How to build an intimate guest list

Updated: May 3, 2020

You asked yourself the question, what do we want our Wedding Day to look like and came up with the answer of small, intimate and truly personal.

Ok so we know a micro or pop up wedding is perfect for you, but chances are your guest list is still going to take a little refining. To help make the process a little easier, we pulled together our top tips.

Make sure your guest will be part of your future.

The first rule of intimate guest lists is invite people who will be part of your future, seems straight forward but invite people who will play a role in your future life together. If you haven’t spoken to a close friend for over a year, then don’t feel you have to invite them just because you have history together. You should be sure that everyone you invite will be part of your first year of wedded bliss.

Plus-ones are not a necessity

You want each of your guests to be happy, but you also need to keep in mind that every plus one will mean not inviting someone else that potentially means a great deal to the both of you. Obviously, you cannot predict the future but if you can’t see that person lasting for the long term, decided if you want to share the intimate details of your day with them.

Parents new partners

As a follow on from the previous point, if your parents are separated and have new partners think about what part those partners mean to you as a couple.If the relationship is new, don’t feel pressured to invite them out of loyalty to your mum or dad.But do talk to your parent in private (ie sans the partner) and explain your reasons. Understand they maybe upset but give them a little time to process and be open to talking.

Consider what part children will play in your intimate celebration

Each couple is very different when it comes to the part that children play in their lives. Whether it be your own children or soon to be step-children, god children, nieces/nephews or friends children that feel like your own, decide on a case by case basis. Darling I Do weddings offer a special children rate so you don’t have to decide when it comes to the tiny humans in your life. Children will change the whole atmosphere of your celebration (but its not always a negative as they bring an informal and fun vibe), so be true to the type of celebration you want.

Maybe you already know exactly who to invite, so this part will be smooth sailing.However, if this detail is going to take some work, sit down as a couple and decide what you want from your day, and put some criteria in place to work with before you start.

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