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What is a Pop Up Wedding?

Updated: May 3, 2020

If the idea of a small intimate wedding with just your closet friends and family sounds like the perfect wedding, A Pop Up Wedding might be just the thing.

Even before Covid-19 came to town, more and more couples were opting away from the more traditional large-scale weddings towards intimate celebrations which allows them more time to spend with friends and family and eliminate the wedding day stress.

Like the name suggests, a Microwedding or Pop Up Wedding typically includes anywhere from five to fifty guests – normally immediate family and super close friends. Although small in guest count, a microwedding isn’t an elopement. Think of it more as a beautiful fusion of a small secret elopement and a big traditional wedding. They are for the couple who really wants to focus their time and budget on a few very special people and the finer smaller details.

Whilst microweddings can definitely save you money, the average amount spent per guest is higher as couples create a macro experience. Think indulging in beautiful five-star dining, top shelf cocktails and French champagne, and designer wedding gown which may be difficult to replicate when your hosting one hundred plus guests.

When it comes to the vibe of a smaller celebration, guests bring the deeply personal connection you share with them which in turn creates an amazing energy of warmth and fun throughout the day. Guests get to know each other, and couples can indulge in quality time with each of their special guests.

Smaller weddings with fewer expectations allow you to change things up and ditch traditions that never really resonated with you and create a celebration that is perfectly you. Smaller weddings mean less expectations from guests on what you should and shouldn’t do on the day, and isn’t that how your wedding day should be?

Ultimately, if trimming your guest list down to under 50 guests leaves you sleepless, and racked with guilt, a microwedding might not be the best option for you. However, if the idea of small, intimate wedding leaves you feeling warm and excited it might just been the answer to your wedding day prayers.

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